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Unlock a high conversion marketing channel

High purchase intent

Developers read open source docs when they are looking for a tool. Marketing via open source docs allows you to capture their intent to adopt new tools.

Targeted audience

Only developers read open source docs. You get much higher quality leads than any other ads channel. These leads actually convert into deals.

Recurring value

Open source projects attract a stable stream of new users. Sponsorship lets you reach them and creates a recurring flow of new users for you.


We make open source sponsorship easy and transparent

Streamline project discovery and negotiations

Open source sponsorship can involve a lot of work: finding the right projects, contacting the maintainers, and negotiating back-and-forth.

Devmark uses AI to match your product with open source projects that your users will check out, and handles all the negotiations to make the deals happen.

Find the right projects among millions on GitHub. Discover dozens of relevant projects your audience frequents that you didn't know about.

Take advantage of opportunities to present your product naturally in documentation, not just a logo in the README

No more back-and-forth: devmark handles all the negotiations

See metrics before you sponsor

No more guessing how many users are using a GitHub repo from its star history.

Devmark removes the guesswork: you see the traffic metrics from GitHub and Google Analytics before you make a sponsorship decision. ROI metrics monitoring is available throughout the sponsorship period.


Three steps to find the best sponsorship opportunities


Set your audience and budget

We find open source projects that reach your audience, and optimize for ROI.


Sponsor a curated portfolio of projects

We handle all the negotiations to get your product mentioned organically in the docs.


Monitor the ROI of your sponsorships

We help you monitor sponsorship metrics and iterate on the best messaging.


How is devmark different from GitHub Sponsors or OpenCollective?

GitHub Sponsors and OpenCollective facilitate payments for open source sponsorship. Devmark is a layer on top and supports both for payments.

Devmark is an end-to-end solution for companies. It finds the best projects for the target audience, and generates organic ways to embed the product messaging in open source docs.

Why should I find projects via devmark?

You may be familiar with the most well-known open source projects. Unfortunately, they tend to have multiple sponsors and a high price tag.

Devmark specializes in helping companies sponsor a range of medium-scale, underfunded projects for optimal ROI. Without devmark, you need to find needles in a haystack.

How can I make sure devmark sponsors the right projects?

Devmark will present a portfolio of projects before starting sponsorship payments. You can remove projects that you don't want from your sponsorship portfolio at any time.

What metrics can I see for the projects I sponsor?

The devmark platform tracks cost per impression (CPM) and cost per click (CPC) for all the sponsorship deals. We also use HTML tags (e.g. UTM links) to identify users that visited your website to help you measure the conversion and activation rate.

If you have unique attribution requirements, we'd love to discuss how we can best support it.