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Spending hours sending cold emails with no success? We help open source maintainers get sponsorship from developer-first companies.

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Why find sponsors through us?

Get sponsored, big or small

Today, only the most popular projects get enough attention to receive substantial corporate sponsorship. We seek to change that.

We use LLMs to match companies with the right open source projects, not just the most famous ones.

Recurring, high quality sponsors

We connect you with developer-first companies building products relevant to your project.

Our goal is to create long term partnerships: we work with companies who value the open source community.

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We work with all major sponsorship payment platforms to handle payments. We just ask for permission to retrieve traffic data from your GitHub project.

What do we need from you?

1. Grant access to your GitHub repo traffic (we will ask you to install a GitHub app with read-only access to your repo metadata).
2. Tell us what promotional content you would consider adding for a sponsorship.
3. Pricing: let us know how much are you asking for each sponsorship.

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